9 December 2010

ive been able to.................

ive sat in a room with a dr im a little scared of, called and made an appt with the reflexologist (yeah!).

the system that ive devised is almost like a kids gold star sheet. you know where you ask the kids to do things and they wont, however give them a reward and stick stars on a chart and when the appropriate number of stars are achieved the gift is given.

im trying to concentrate on the end result, instead of feeling nervous doing the tasks, something that i have to work on. however i have made the appt with the reflexologist next week, something i would of put off until next year. i also had an appt with the 1st neuro yesterday i feel somewhat intimidated by him so mum usually comes in. well yesterday i went in on my own, it was fine.

something i am learning is my interaction with people is coming more into the picture. i need to feel more secure around others, need to hold my own so to speak. i didnt realise theres a whole lot of reasons behind my anxiety and some are coming to the forefront.

im thinking of attending some hypnotherapy sessions after christmas. i have a number of a recommended hypnotist. anyone tried hypnotism? what are you experiences? would you recommend going?

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