18 December 2010

lemon drizzle muffins

if im well tomorrow im going to attempt to make some lemon drizzle muffins. dad has a lemon tree, which has an abundance of lemons at the moment so i am going to transform them into muffins. picture will follow......


Coffeecup said...

Oh yum!

Please ask your Dad the secret of the lemon tree? I got my Mum one for mother's day (expensive!). All the leaves fell off after a few days and have never grown back! What magic does he use to make lemons grow? ;)

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Sounds tasty. I have a love of muffins of all sort but never tried lemon drizzle- sounds nice though.

All the best


Melinda said...

Some homemade lemonade may also be nice too - although in England is it currently too cold to drink lemonade? (sounds tasty to an Australian!!)

Em said...

hi cc

will ask dad what he does to the lemon tree, i know it lives in the conservatory.

the muffins turned out into a splat shape, although lovely and lemony. i think if a muffin tin was used and not just the cases perhaps the shape would of remained. x

Em said...

hi nechtan

mmmmm, perhaps more work needs to be done, however the taste was there even if the presentation wasnt! x

Em said...

hi melinda

lemonade sounds lovely, perhaps one for summertime over here. im envious of you warm weather, heat would warm my bones right now. x