6 January 2011

day one

the first restrictive day. im allowed some white toast and white rice today, yipp-bloody-pee. no chocolate, arhhhhh, to tea ahhhhhhh.

tomorrow will be fun, nothing but a piece of white toast and some sachets of powder to clean my bowel, oh i cant wait.

p.s. just re-read my last post. i wrote staying friends with anxiety wont help me. not having friends with anxiety. oh em, shut up hope i didnt offend all us lovelies with anxiety. im waffling now. my mind will get worse over the next few days so please ignore my ramblings, no nutrition means no brain! x


Melinda said...

Oh dear - it does sound ghastly! Perhaps it's a good time to break out some knitting or cross stitch and watch a lengthy period drama! eg. something with Colin Firth!

Em said...

hi melinda

managed to knit some of my new multi-coloured rib socks this morning. got a bit tired so stopped. my mind wont concentrate on much at the mo. never mind. x