8 January 2011

i hate feeling unwell

yep the sachets worked. been up all night, that old familiar feeling of unwellness is coming back. i thought that i escaped it from 2009. i had progressed so well, being able to have days out with consquences yet if i felt like this days out wouldnt happen.

i really dont know my own brain at the moment. im tired,weak,tachy,low bp on laying down, not just standing. so tired. i remember these feelings so well, and i cant see how i put up with them for so long.

its 10.30am, ive taken my meds, had my last drink of water, now i have to wait. the sun is shinning outside, mostly cloudy. rosys laying stretched out on the bed in the sunshine.

im asking my mum to buy a packet of chocolate hob-nobs for later. my weights dropped to underweight. i really dont need this right now.

will post later, or when im better. thanks for the encouragment.x


Rusty Hoe said...

Thinking of you Em. Good Luck XXXX

magic said...

Hope all goes well. Its horrible when you think you have come so far, then the familiar symptoms come flooding back and you think youre never going to get there again.

I its just a temporary set back. x

Em said...

thanks michelle, im ok. thanks for writing how you were too, much appreciated.x

Em said...

hi magic

bit more optomistic now that its over. x