16 February 2011

can i pick all your potsies brains?

next week i maybe going out for afternoon tea, with champagne. pictures will follow i promise.

i have asked the pharmacist on the concoction of meds that im on will it be ok to have a glass of champagne? they kind of said a few sips would do.

i have never been a drinker, however i want to on this occasion.

im on the usual meds, midodrine,beta blockers,paroxetine,domperidone,fludrocortisone. would one glass be ok? i know we are all different in how we tolerate things, i would muchly appreciate any of you potsies out there responses.


Achelois said...

Ok if you don't normally drink at all even without potsies, or meds you would probably feel tipsy. For a little bit, giggle etc.

Personally I don't think it will hurt you at all. Although I would go for a trial run, pop to Marks & Spencers, and get a mini bottle (I would add that cheap champagne gives headaches etc.) so I hope the champagne is to be decent which is why I suggest Marks & Spencers, or if Tesco's etc. make sure it is a half decent one. On the trial run, I am sure you will have a fine time as I hope you do next week. I suggest the trial run, otherwise you may not enjoy the real one due to anticipatory anxiety that you may a)act all out of character and dance on the table with your knickers in the air b) have a potsies problem.

On the whole I would say life is too short to turn down a decent glass of champers!

(nb:nothing I say in this comment should be constitued as medical advice by the way)

You never know em, you may find you get a taste for it and it turns out that the odd glass of champers does you good....

Em said...

hey achelois

thinking i will go for it. i like the taste, as long as theres not too many bubbles, and its cool. will report back with the after effects!

i dont think there will be any probs with me danciing on the tables!!! dont think my heart rate will let me.x