15 February 2011

i thought that i would do something really clever....

on sunday.

I was feeling pretty unwell on Sunday morning. Flare up of symptoms. Instead of staying in bed I thought this was the ideal opportunity to take a trip to Brighton. Oh yes, daft me indeedy. My logic was, if I'm going to France, then I most like will experience the full force of p.o.t.s somewhere along the trip. I really wanted to see how I would cope with the symptoms, I mean an hours trip isn't the same as a two day road trip, nevertheless its a start. Wasn't so bad, yeah i felt unwell but hey thats life with a crap illness. Yesterday I had to rise at 6am, to attend the psycho-d therpay.

Well today my ambitious side has well and truly caught up with me. I feel like poo. Short of breath, nauseous, extremely weak, not really with it. It just aint fair.


agoraphob said...

Hope your symptoms get a little bit less, but love your attitude about it!!

Zen said...

((((((( Em ))))))))

No, it isn't fair. I do hope you can feel happy about the little trip though, in a sense. Also hope you recover from the outing fast!


Em said...

hi shelly

i thought i was being brave, lol. thats what comes from having a terrible memory! you kind of forget things that have passed and fly ahead with no memory. i really need to know how i going to feel, i want to be prepared in some way. yet feeling so blurgh afterwards, well that doesnt make me feel so good. x

Em said...

hi zen

hope your wellx

feeling a little better this morning, two days afterwards. there is method in my madness i promise! thanks x.