25 February 2011

a few little pictures

we arrived at claridges right on time, so straight into the afternoon tea room! ive never been before and the afternoon was a gift from a client of my dads. i felt pretty unwell in the morning, so i had a rest for an hour, which eased the nausea, ten years ago i would of blamed my nerves. everything i blamed on my anxiety. yet today i felt dreadful, if not more so than usual compared to years back, however i knew it was because of a physical problem. i had a little test later on which would confirm this.

sandwiches came first which we welcome because i was hungry, they were light and very tiny, and because of an advanced call, vegetarian. i managed a quarter of a glass of champagne before my body told me to stop. which i duly did. i had a few cups of tea which we needed, then one chocolate and coffee cake, very yum, delicious, a tiny scone, tasted the clotted cream, yet i couldnt stomach it so i had it dry. and more tea. i started to feel sick, i think have a rich sugar treat did it. usually i would of by now thought my nerves had kicked in as i was hot. yet the room was hot, i had two jumpers on, so hey i was hot, not nervous. i discreetly took my pulse by placing my hand on my neck took a quick peak of my watch, 64bpm. would that suggest anxiety? i dont think so. i need to be more mindful of things in the future. test the waters. realise the pots is responsible for alot of my ills. i know i have a long way to go. yet this is a start.
lovely light above my head
chocolate, mmmmm.

oh and there was a very embarrassed dad moment. he noticed there was an royal sitting behind me, grabbed my camera and snapped. my cheeks went a rosy red, dad please stop it. why are they soooooo embarrassing. i should say ex royal. take a look at the first picture with my mug-shot in, to the right of me is a certain red-headed lady, yes its her. by coincidence dads picture came out a little blurry anyway, so that will teach him!


Sarah♥ said...

"Looks fabulous darling...."

Menu -Delicious.
Room - Amazing.
You - Bloody well done.


Zen said...

Cool photos Em!

heh heh I'm not surprised your Dad's sneaky photos turned out blurry, in that lighting!

I'm so glad you managed to go for afternoon tea, even though it was difficult. It is amazing what we're taught to put down to 'anxiety' eh. Can take some time to shrug that off I think.

Take good care - hope the recovery from your outing goes as well as possible!


Rusty Hoe said...

It looks lovely. So glad you got to go and enjoy yourself. And whats a trip out without an ex-royal in the room. Surely in Britain you trip over a royal or ex-royal every time you go out :P

Coffeecup said...

Oh my word! Hobnobbing with royalty now! What a fabulous experience. I'm so happy for you that you're getting out and despite feeling terrible you're not allowing it to stop you. Now you know that the anxiety has happened because of the pots then maybe, with the sort of new understanding you have you will overcome it completely. You know your enemy and this is your best weapon against it.

PS. Dad's were made to cause us huge embarrassment :)

Keep up the good work lovely lady


Melinda said...

Sounds like a great afternoon!

Em said...

hi sarah

the surroundings were certainly stunning sarah, beautiful in an old kind of way. glad i got through it. although i go pay-back. x

Em said...

hi zen

oh zen, breathing probs the last few days, you know the feeling, its awful. although at least now i kind of know how to handle it. doesnt make it any easier though.

the picture was slightly out of focus, that will teach him taking my camera and embarrassing me!. hope your ok.x

Em said...

hi michelle

yep, every other person in the street is from the palace! luckily she was behind me so i did stare, sometimes i lose myself and find im staring into space! hope your well.x

Em said...

hi steph

i think i was a bit mindful on the day. being mindful of my symptoms and trying to reason with them. knowing that i get them with pots. i know pots/eds is related to anxiety, yet sometimes cant separate them. im practising, im learning. thanks. x

Em said...

hi melinda

was lovely. a new experience. hope your knitting projects are going well.x

Achelois said...

Wow em, utterly divine - food, champers, surroundings.

If thats the ex royal I think it is I bet she didn't pay for her own cake.

I am so pleased you made it. Despite your inner nausea etc. you look perfectly beautiful.

Tea at Claridges is on my wish list btw.

I bet my father is more embarrasing than yours!

I am sorry you are having breathing problems - is it a virus, or POTS thing, or EDS related. Don't answer em if I am being too nosy.

Take care em.

Em said...

hi achelois

the breathing thing, i think maybe its a pots thing. worse when i stand or move around, the pots dr says its quite common amongst his patients.

the chocolate/coffee cake was tiny and divine. truly like nothing i have tasted before. although nausea inducing afterwards! i should of known better.

you dad is more embarrassing than mine! wow, lol!

the ex-royal we did notice she was waving her cheque book around in the air, i wonder what that was about!. mmmm

hope your ok. x