19 February 2011

i need to make something

im lucky that i have the use of a huge dining table, so the sewing machine is permanently left out. i have a couple of dogs coats left to make for rosy, but im bored and i want to make something else. i made myself the bag last week, i will take a few pictures of and put up.

i love taking something out with me, so if im left in the car for a while i dip into my bag, and start stitching if my eyes will allow. i have a little stash of material, wool, felt, sequins, buttons, zips, wadding, etc just no brain whatsoever!


diver said...

Hi Em. Yeah, I'm like that too, though it's harder to make jewellery on the fly - especially bead work (ha ha, beads everywhere!). At the least I carry a notebook for jotting down jewellery ideas that occur to me when I'm out and about. Also a camera, for the same reason. Sometimes I spot a nice design in a jewellery store, not to copy, just for inspiration.

I noticed in your sidebar you have Shelly's blog linked/listed as 'Sunshine' instead of 'Freaked' ... curious?

Em said...

hi diver

beadwork, you must have good eyesight. i sometimes sew seed beads onto stuff, but ouch my eyes!

i wonder why its listed at that? curious indeed.x