20 February 2011

these boots were made for walking........

four years ago i purchased these new walking boots. i was trying to encourage myself out of pain. mind over matter, my joints werent really hurting, i didnt really get out of breathe so easily, it was all in my head, so a brand new pair of boots would help no?
well no. my old trusties, over ten years old, a little bit thread bear, many miles they have walked.

this weekend ive put my new boots up for sale. sitting in the cupboard, i thought someone else might get some road miles, or country miles out of them. im not sad, i always have my trusties to look at.


Zen said...

Awww I just want to offer giant *huuuuuuuuuggggs*
I think walking was something I loved so much because it was one thing I was physically competent at, even though there were other things I could never do like 'normal' people. Wouldn't it be awesome if one day there was some kind of cure/treatment, and we could go on loooong walks again :-) Sometimes out in the car I see big hills and I just wish I could walk up there! Have a look at the view...


detached from duty said...

It's true that we all must value our health and your blog definitely puts that in perspective.

It is a shame you can't engage in the simple pleasure of a ramble.

They are good boots too - I have those exact ones.

On the upside, the proceeds from the sale will enable you buy craft materials.

Em said...

hi zen

yeah i loved walking distances, although i did suffer a little from dizziness after 10 miles. aw i know what you mean when you see a pleasant places you want to take a stroll in. i used to love wood walks, gorgeous smelling earth, trees, wildlife, plants. mmmm. lovely.x

Em said...

hi d

thanks, people certainly dont take their health seriously enough, but hey why would they? if you travelling through life unaffected by things, you will take life for granted im sure.

i loved my boots, tying them up, just beginning a trek, there was nothing better in the world for me.

liking the book you mentioned about a man living a year without money, that would be my kind of read. x