24 March 2011

promise one last post on plimsolls

this was rosy yesterday morning. i spent part of the morning at gatwick airport. dad flew off to france for two days to see the work he is about to take on. sitting near to were they check in i was feeling pretty unwell, so i thought i was feeling anxiety. i checked my pulse, 48bpm. mmmm. went and had a cuppa, i felt better. the lights were a bit overwhelming, nearly lost the car on the way back to the carpark. was charged £8.30 for 1hr-2hrs parking, now tell me thats not a rip-off. home i had two hours of sleep. then off to a local park. so enjoyed the sunshine. i know i shouldnt do it but i let the sun bask on my face for around five minutes. i did feel a bit tachy but hey.
my other pair of red shoes, a newish pair of converse boots. i bought my first red pair when i was a teenager, i had to eventually throw them away a few years ago because they were holey.

red is becoming a bit of a theme. in the week i bought a red lamp shade for my bedroom. rosy had a red fleece. red shoes. red dog collar. i find im noticing things tinted with red. maybe i will have my own red front door one day!


Rusty Hoe said...

Yet another reason why I love your blog, a mutual adoration for all tings red and shoes. Please tell me they are high tops. I had red converse high tops as a kid and I loved them. I even re-glued the sole when they came off.

I meant to ask do you have a pattern for Rosie's coats? My two have very thin fur and we are heading into Winter, they are already shaking in Autumn and I can't find anything anywhere near big enough for them, so was thinking of dusting off the Singer sewing machine and making some. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated.

Melinda said...

I love red too! So cheerful.

Em said...

hey michelle

they certainly are hi-tops. i had a pair a very long time ago which went holey, i tried to patch them up which worked a little while, not for long.

do you have an old coat for you gorgeous dogs? if so you can use that as a pattern. sounds a bit complicated, however i did this and took around a week to make rosy one. i can always email you some tips, instructions on how to make the coat if you wish, bit of a process but very worth while. x

Em said...

hi melinda

me too, my new favourite colour. x

Fiona-Jane Kelly said...

you have my shoes! i live in my red high top converse, so much my ankle brace is gradually sawing through the canvas! currently being held together with gaffa & zinc oxide tape :^D but they're soooo comfy. and red! woohoo!

Em said...

hi fiona

an ed-ers with a passion for red shoes, must be in the connective tissue!!!!! xxx

ashpauls said...

LOVE converse :) they're so comfy! and of course look awesome :D your heart rate gets really low like my aunt. what do you do to get it back up to a decent amount? Hope your dad has fun! I would LOVE to go to France!

ZKiwi said...

A red front door sounds awesome :-D I love your shoes! Glad you had some nice time at the park with Rosy *huuuugggs*