22 March 2011

not red, but still happy

Now the Spring is here, I've been able to temporarily re-house my furry boots. A bright pair of Cath Kidston plimsolls are covering my tootsies today


The Foggy Knitter said...

Ooooh they are very awesome and most spring like, I must wear my Cath Kidston shoes more.

Coffeecup said...

Lovely! If they were mine they'd be black with dirt already. Loved your red kickers btw. I have a newish pair in blue. Hope they last half as long as yours have! Guess you could say they are vintage?!


Ellen said...

Those are so cute - love the polka dots! I've only read the word plimsols in British books, so now I know what they are...Must find plimsols in Canada :-)

Em said...

hi foggy

very spring like indeedy. oh you should, yours a lovely. enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!!! x

Em said...

hi cc

I will tell you a secret, because im in the chair my shoes dont get dirty! that must be a plus.

another kicker fan. oh vintage i sound so old. i read some fabric that i have from laura ashley described as vintage, like the shoes it is over 20 years old, so i suppose your right. xxxxx

Em said...

hi ellen

plimsolls a very british word. strange the difference in languages. ive enjoy reading your posts, very honest of you. xxxx

Achelois said...

woo hoo, look at you em, you have pretty feet.

For some reason me and plimsolls don't get along. My feet don't normally smell but put on a pair of plimsolls and both the footwear and the feet absolutely honk in a nano second.

Vintage is good. Especially for the planet I am told.

Hope you are feeling a little better em.

Em said...

hey achelois

smelly feet! i have to wear socks with mine, otherwise i have that to look forward too. oh and the smell of new plimsolls even as a child, phew!

i find them comfy to wear, that is until i can get my flip flops out. then you see my lovely shade of purple toes! xxx