15 March 2011

went to the dentist

went to the dentist this morning. not much anxiety at all. my teeth are in good condition, despite not going for 18 years! im due to have two fillings, hopefully white fillings. no extractions, wisdoms are ok, what a relief. i was even asked questions about ehlers danlos, the dentist remembers doing a segment on it at dentist school.

although the top set are a little overcrowded due to my high palate, hes not going to do anything about it. also needs a clean, im so pleased. the chair was lowered flat, which i knew would make me woozy, next time i will mention this. i was slowly inclinded, i could feel the rush to my head, sat still for a bit and was ok. no wonder years back i thought i had anxiety when this happened, very similiar.

have been very foggy of late. not sure why.


Anonymous said...

Well done Em,

Great that you got through the appointment- tick, also great you have no worries over your teeth.

It is really comendable how you are taking things on now. The calmness, though I know its not calm, comes through in your posts which feels like good attitude you have adopted and/or stance you have taken. Upwards and onwards.

All the best


diver said...

18 years for 2 fillings, woa, your teeth rule Em! What's your secret?

Rusty Hoe said...

So glad it went well Em. And like Diver said 2 fillings after 18yrs, that's impressive. :)

Em said...

hi nechtan

sure thing, im so pleased. have to go back in a few weeks for the fillings, that maybe a different story!!! we shall see. amazing phone you have nechtan. x

Em said...

hi diver

pretty much luck i think. lots of cleaning, well the usual you know. i have put my teeth through the mill so i was amazed that was all i needed. x

Em said...

hi michelle

conidering i would eat all kinds of mints when i was a teenager due to the nausea, im astounded this is all i need. you name it i ate it, polos,murray mints,soft mints, imperials. thank goodness i dont have anymore work needed with my dodgy jaw!!! hope you ok. x

ZKiwi said...

I'm immensely proud of you for going to the dentist, Em :-) So brilliant. And now you can keep the visits up to date! *HUGS*

ZKiwi said...

p.s. I hear you about the mints. I wish I could still have them they're the best for helping nausea!

Sterling Delorme said...

Eighteen years is a bit too long to go without seeing a dentist, ha ha... still, it's great that your teeth are in good condition. All's well that ends well then! After a bit of cleaning, your teeth are in a better state.