19 March 2011

1989, red shoes,feeling crap.

Bright sunshiny day. I decided instead of wearing out my toasty warm boots I would wear a cheery red pair of shoes out. Circa 1989. I can remember buying these shoes in the Kings Road, a little shoe shop called Shelleys. I so wanted them at the age of 15 I pleaded with my mum. She said if I paid half then I could have them. So I stumped up £20.00, true to her word she matched me. 22 years later I have them stored away in there original box, with receipt (sad act that I am).

I've been suffering with breathlessness. Urgh, if there's one symptom I can't abide it's feeling breathless. Maybe I'm overdoing things!!! Also had the nausea come and go. Oh to end on a positive, (fluttery stomach) my dad has got the job in the South of France, arghhhhhh.


Sarah♥ said...


Em said...

Hi Sarah

I so wanted them!!!! x

Achelois said...

Kickers yay - thats not sad thats quality em. Just wish I knew where my exact same pair are now. With size one half feet I got away with wearing them to school, claiming bad feet *true pre-eds diagnosis. Bearing in mind I went to a Convent and it was strict brown lace ups I felt fantastic. They were the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn.

I'm sorry you are feeling awful. Perhaps red shoes will cheer you up.

South of France wow - do you get to visit I hope so. But you don't seem pleased em. Don't be sad hun xoxoxoxo

Rusty Hoe said...

You know my love of red shoes :) Red shoes equal happiness, and red shoes you've kept so long must equal super happiness. Love them :)

Hmmm why does my word verification sound like a disease 'uncisma'.. "I have a bad case of uncisma" Okay I may still be on the good drugs for my back. Just ignore me.

Em said...

hey achelois

another kicker girl! funny through my teens i was a dm wearer, brogue wearer, all the unattractive shoes that could be bought i would wear!!! they all had to tie on too, when loafters became fashion i bought a pair, they were like flip flops on me.

i think due to the illness im a bit on the cautious side, im hoping i will be ok. x

Em said...

hey michelle

your header always brings a smile to my face when i click on, bright sparkly shoes, i think you win hands down. the only other pair of red shoes i own is a pair of converse boots, which i think are due an outing. hope your back improves soon. xxx

Melinda said...

I love the shoes. I remember having a pair of cherry red boots with chunky heels. Yours are in much better taste!

magic said...

I love those shoes.Can't belive youve had them that long x

Em said...

hi melinda

still cherry red sounds cool. xxx

Em said...

hi magic

sometimes wonder why i keep things, yet its only some things, not lots. x