7 April 2011

liberty fabric

the treat.

after completing the list, heres the reward. a metre of liberty fabric. when i went into libertys back in january (i think) i went to the cheaper end, £10 per metre, i was thinking that i could buy two metres instead of the usual one. then i thought nope, im going to buy what i like because this is my 'job well done' treat. i wouldnt usually spend this much on fabric. but hey i like it. now i have to think what im going to make. oh and rosy had to get in on the act!


agoraphob said...

Cute Fabric, and I think Rosie is hinting that she wants something to be made for her!

Em said...

hi shelley

thanks, she has to get into every shot!x

Melinda said...

I love the photo! So gorgeous!

Achelois said...

Brilliantly well done for achieving the goal.

The fabric is beautiful.

We share confusion about when things happened ie: you writing, 'in January, I think'

The photo is very cute indeed.

Em said...

hi melinda

thanks, rosy crept up on the fabric as i was about to photograph it. x

Em said...

hi achelois

over the past few months, or longer, my confusion has hit mammouth proportions. im trying not to think about it, especially when mid conversation i dont know what im speaking about! thanks. x