15 April 2011

hibernate till its all better.

this little disease called POTS. please leave me alone.

i do moan about the meds that i take, they keep me on an even keel pots wise, yet 14 tablets a day seems a little excessive for a soon to be 37 year old. i will not moan again.

yesterday i had an appt with a bowel dr. only local. he said that my bowel flops to one side when i go! however till i get the eds appt and pots appt over with he will then see whats to be done. fine no problem ive put up with this for so long.

yet i think i picked up some sort of virus, before the appt. was in alot of bowel pain, not hungry, not my usual potsie self.

last night i woke up at 1.30am, not breathing properly, feeling like there was an accordian in my head, clutching onto the walls to get to the loo. ive forgot what these symptoms were like. took me back two years just before i was diagnosed. i opened the window because i was so hot. even rosy knew something was up because she was alert and really didnt want to be on my bed.

woke this morning, im hoping this will pass. im simply not with it. the last couple of weeks have been a struggle symptom wise.

times like this when im propped up in bed, that i think why? i was going to take a pic, although i didnt want to scare anyone!!!


Sarah♥ said...

Sounds dreadful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sarah xxxx

ellen said...

Hope you feel better soon Em. It sounds really bad. Sometimes hibernating is the best option...

Em said...

hi sarah

yeah pretty awful couple of days, im hoping its easing off now, please. x

Em said...

hi ellen

usually lying flat helps, but it didnt this time. ive been able to eat today without too much trouble so im hoping its on its way out, maybe it was a virus. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Sorry to read you are having such a crappy time. I can only imagine how distressing and frightening that is in the early hours. Is it possible you have been overdoing it? You have done so much lately that is a credit to you but I hope you haven't been pushing yourself too much.

But also the kids here have been ill during the holidays so it would appear viruses are doing the rounds. I know that confusion. I just hope things pick up for you and you start to feel a bit more settled.

All the best


Rusty Hoe said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Em. Doesn't take much to send us over the edge unfortunately. A little bug for someone else is like ebola for us.:( Here's hoping it passes quickly. Sending you big hugs.

Melinda said...

Hope you feel much better really soon Em.

magic said...

Hope you feel better soon. Pots is awful, thats the one thing that i cant cope with. x

Em said...

hi nechtan

feeling better now thank goodness. pretty sure it was some kind of virus. urgh! thanks.x

Em said...

hi michelle

thanks, only lasted four and a bit days, but it was quite intense. stupid autonomic system has to join in at the same time! x

Em said...

hi melinda

thanks, hopefully its all gone now, thankful for good days. x

Em said...

hi magic

pots is certainly a pain. i just didnt realise how i should appreciate the good days. hope your ok. x