25 April 2011

something in the air........

reading others blogs, seems like a big lull is going on, include me in that. due to the lap-top fizzing out, it means that i have to use the upright computer!!! not a good choice for us posturally challenged people. that and an achey, good for nothing body, well you get the picture. not tolerating this warm weather much either which is a pain, due to the summer and a possible holiday coming along.

tomorrow i have an appt with prof g, in euston, argh. having to leave two hours, yes two hours before hand just to get into central london, stupid traffic, but then im part of the traffic too. hoping to get some advice on pain killers, joint problems etc.

i dont know.


Coffeecup said...

I guess you've been and had your appointment now. Hope everything went okay sweetie. Hate to think of you stuck in a stuffy car in a traffic jam for two hours! Urgh!

Sorry to hear about your laptop and the problems this is causing. If I couldn't access the internet I'd have a complete meltdown. Fingers crossed it's something that can be fixed.

Well done for writing despite the lull. I'm working myself up to some posts. So far they haven't got any further than the idea stage.

Take care of yourself beautiful xxx

ZKiwi said...

(((((((((( Emma )))))))))

I really hope that appointment proved helpful. 2 hours is a huge amount of traveling.

I also hope your laptop is sorted out soon. Being able to get online can be so important for those of us with chronic illness.

You're in my thoughts!! *HUGS*

Em said...

hi cc

i suppose im part of that traffic problem too, but it drives me round the bend.

lap top is kaput, no more. im getting used to sitting with my bendy legs up around my chin on the desk top!!! never mind.

hope you and doggie are ok. xxxx

Em said...

hey kiwi

we sure know how to be unwell dont we!!!. i sometimes wonder who and why i was sent this disease, dont you? really hope your symptoms improve soon with the future hospital appts on the horizon, not long now. you sound like your in safe hands, just so annoying that like me you had to go private to get the answers.

no laptop, i cant grumble as i have access to the pc, just terribly uncomfortable and time short.. hugs back kiwi. keep us updated. xxxxxxxx