20 April 2011


feeling better now. pretty sure it was some kind of virus. that ontop of POTS is a nightmare. i really should appreciate the good days more. for four and a half days i felt dreadful, neverending. ive picked up.

my laptop is kaput. since ive been out of hospital i relied on it for entertainment. i think too much. now i have to pad along the landing to my dads dinky office, plonk myself on a chair with my feet up on the table to ease my pots (lucky for me im hypermobile!) then time limit myself. upright positions arent good for me. never mind.

the deer picture was taken at richmond park. i was well enough to travel there on sunday. what a lovely day. ive never been before. the deer wandering around amongst the cars and people. which at first was a little strange, then after awhile you get used to it. i did lose my camera on sunday, which kind of topped my week off! however after retracing my route, luckily it lay on the grass verge. thank goodness. hope you like the photo.


diver said...

It's a deer little photo Em :p

Have you broke mirror or something? Virus, kaput computer, lost camera? You were lucky to find the camera eh, that would've been the icing on the cake after your week'o'crap.

Ah well, hopefully all this has been the bottom of some biorhythmic trough and it'll be smooth sailing for you for awhile now. Hope so :)

Achelois said...

em I haven't been around to wish you better I am sorry. I haven't been around anywhere to be truthful. Lost in pain somewhere.

I am so sorry you have felt so poorly, sometimes I am all over the place with the changing of seasons, its complicated to explain perhaps I should attempt a blog post about it. But autonomic dysfunction rates highly on how I am affected. So perhaps there is something in the air for EDS people at the moment.

Look after yourself and I sincerely hope you feel a whole olot better soon.

I cannot stop looking at the photo of the deer. It is simply stunning. We have deer around here and I am always mindful that they can from nowhere cross the road. Where there is one there is more. Fortunately I have lived hereabouts for the majority of my life and know well where they lurk to pounce from nowhere.

The Sunday picture is just stunning and I am pleased for you that you had that experience at least after a time of feeling so rubbish.

Gentle virtual hug.

Em said...

hi diver

nah, dont think a mirror is broken, i was just born!!!

the little deer was certainly enchanting. xxx

Em said...

hi achelois

pretty sure the changing of the season may have something to do with this downward spiral. hope your pain eases soon, i know how obnoxious the little blighter can be. im sure this weather doesnt help, one minute warm, next minute cool. best wishes. xxxx