14 July 2011

bit of a day, but turned out alright in the end.

please dont read if your of a squeamish disposition, me included.

poor little mite that rosy is. first it was her bladder stones last year, now its her bowels, or colon to be more precise. today while being pushed around dulwich park she decided to have a poo, normal you say dogs eat so they poop. well this was very unpleasant, for all you yorkie/dog owners out there this information may come in useful. rosy pooped mucusy blood. lots of it. arghhhhh, home we came, checked the vets number and times out. she went twice more, panic stations.

was outside the vets before it had opened, ten minutes later, out came mum with rosy. she has an inflammed colon, which produces these symptoms. relief she has some tablets. poor baby, shes still not herself, dozy eyes, very placid, yet still she wags her tail.

she had a lot of gurgly noises in the week, brought up bile, soft stools, then todays episode. its something she has to live with, although we have to watch what shes eats, let her take the pills if she experiences the symptoms again. poor mutt. xxxx


Sarah♥ said...

Poor puppy... Hope she feels/gets better very soon.

Sarah xxx

agoraphob said...

This happened to Layla last month! It was horrible! Bloody and mucousy! I was dying it was so gross. I took her to the vet and they injected some medication and she was on two other meds for two weeks. She perked up after about two days on medication.

I hope she feels better soon!


oh, she had the gurgling noises too!

Coffeecup said...

I hope poor Rosie is feeling better soon. They don't complain do they? Such a shame for and what a WORRY for you sweet lady!!! Lucy hurt her arthritic leg badly this week and I was petrified because she couldn't get up from sitting. Can't lose her too! Not yet. So I totally empathise how you must feel when she gets unwell. It scares you senseless :(

Gurgling noises are from an inflamed bowel. Well, now I have learned something. Need to know these things when you own a dog.

Take care both of you xxxx

Em said...

hi sarah

shes better thank goodness, so scary watching her go through pain. xxx

Em said...

hi shelly

oh wow, layla too. thought i would put rosys experience up, i know if i had read about it out there i wouldnt of been so frightened. glad laylas better. x

Em said...

hi steph

aw hope lucys pain eases off soon. cant help but feel sorry when they stare into your eyes. sometimes i wish they could talk. rosy is coming along, still not her complete self but much better. x