9 July 2011

the winner is.......... & the holiday

the names.....

rosy guarding the hat

the winner. steph over at the panic room. e-mail me your addy steph and the leaf bag will be winging its way over to you next week.


the cottage we stayed in was teeny tiny, oh so characterful.

im 5'8'' as you can see the ceilings werent that much taller than me.

so charming and gorgeous. even rosy took to the place.

she especially liked the low windows, so she could in some comfort watch the world go by.

we experienced a little rain, what would an english holiday be without a little of the wet stuff!

seasides, we visited, cromer,wells-next-the-sea, hunstanton, sheringham, kings lyn.

now the health anxiety bit. monday of last week mum phoned up the booking agent after we found the place on the internet. tuesday morning we were off. due to my health problems i found this way to be a good compromise. instead of having something booked way in advance.

packed and ready to go, i felt abit out of my depth. bit overwhelming. i expected to be a bit nervous due to the failure to go to france. yet troublsome feelings were there. the first half and hour i could of easily turned round and come home. this was my first time away (other than a few visits to my aunts) since i became ill. the next hour was a little easier, but still uncomfortable. we pulled in at a service station for rosy to have a walk, i forced myself to drink a tea. one we plodded. slowly but surely things eased off.

we arrived late afternoon, after another stop. i was buzzing from the journey. when i was little and we would travel for three or four days in a row i noticed at the end of each day i would still be feeling a strange buzzing feeling from the journey, took a while to settle down. sitting in the cottage that evening, the anxiety had certainly eased alot, my body, well was being my body pots/eds and all. i just wanted to go home. the surroundings felt strange and i didnt want to be there. i didnt know why. rosy was a comfort, the place was adorable, yet i wanted to be home. because i didnt feel anxious, because my health symptoms werent in excess, i rode it through. very strange feeling indeed.

next morning after a distrupted sleep, i felt better. i felt different. i didnt want to go home, anxiety was pretty much nil, so we went to explore the countryside. rosy was no trouble at all, perfect dog. this was her first holiday away with us. i made sure i ate regular meals, as that has always been a problem, most of the time i wasnt hungry at all. yet i had small meals. i was fine, i enjoyed the break no end. the village, which was three miles from the sea was lovely. i think my body could take to village life. so slow, right near nature, understandable people. i know, i know it was just a break, living there would be a different ball game, but my body tells me country/village life would suit.

coming home was a bit hectic, when we arrived on the m25 we sat in a tailback for an hour and a half.

yet when we neared home rosy seemed to thank us for the break


Coffeecup said...

I adore that final picture of darling little Rosie being so affectionate. It seals of joy of the whole experience. Well done Miss Em! All that anxiety was anticipatory, worry about the change of scene and how you'd cope, and you coped admirably. I'm so proud of you!!! The cottage looked gorgeous and I think I could happily live there. I too long for village life and a change of scene and pace. Hope your holiday is the first of many to come. You might just have inspired me to try harder to go somewhere new and pretty myself. Wonderful!


Em said...

hi cc

thanks, the cottage was so pretty and sweet, just right. i really hope you can try to whisk yourself off somewhere, even if its localish the first time, maybe that would help. after the first day was done with, anxiety seemed to disappear, very strange indeed. take care. xxxx

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Well done. Glad you managed to get away and stay for the duration. I hope the next trip is easier.

Great pics. Where you stayed really takes me back to summers in Norfolk at uncle and aunt in Beccles. Same tenny buildings for me, 6ft 2, to constantly batter my head on door frames. Even the layout where you are standing is very similar. On my times down there I did visit Cromer too but its so long ago I can't remember much about it.

Glad you are back in one piece though don't envy that journey on the M25- that would have had me in despair!

All the best


Em said...

thanks nechtan.

you went to cromer too! wow. because we went out of season the places were all quite quiet which was good. i imagine for a tall chap, bumping your head was a daily occurence, ouch!. lovely cottage.

the cottage was in mill lane, so maybe we thought mill workers lived there years previously. i suppose they had different ideas to today. maybe they didnt see it as cute and lovely, i wonder how many people lived in these conditions? a whole different story. x

ZKiwi said...

Awww look at Rosie!

I am so glad that you got to have time away Em, and it was so peaceful for you. You totally deserve it!!!!