18 July 2011


early morning appt with the therapist, followed by late afternoon appt at mayday for physio.

mayday, mmmmm, an old building, old and tired. i entered the physio department managed to book myself in. waited for a little while, a tiny little south africa lady came out, my name was called i wheeled myself in. passed a nifty little pool, i would of loved to have jumped in and had a float. thought better of it. 'what part of do you experience pain in'? mmmmmmm, i worked from my head down to my toes, that way i would remember each joint. she decided there wasnt time to look at all my joints so worked on my neck (my most painful) and shoulders. she also wiggled my shoulders and told me my right one is the one i have my trouble with, yep sure do, sublaxes. was nice to be on the same page as a health profession. for so long, i had been told there was nothing wrong with me, nil, nada, zilch. now after twenty long years, my body is being recognized, given the meds, therapy, physio it finally needs. i left with a slightly painful neck, but happy.


Izzy said...

I'm glad you're starting physio. I really liked mine. Are you doing aqua, I assume?

Rusty Hoe said...

I'm so glad your physio started well. Coming on the back of your travel triumph to. I have my fingers crossed for you.

PS you may want to check out my latest blog post. :)

Em said...

hi izzy

there is a pool at the hospital, not sure yet if im going to have dip! love the feel of water around my body, even as a little child. first appt so the clinician took my aray of symptoms, then started to crunch my neck. so shall see in a fortnight. hope your ok. x

Izzy said...

You can ask for aqua therapy. I did. I was originally told just physio, and I asked about aqua and they said it would be a good idea if I wanted it. I hope you get to, it was a good experience for me. I'm doing alright. We just gotta keep truckin'! :)

Em said...

hi michelle

whoppeeeeee!!! im a winner. cant believe i will be an owner of a pair of red sparklies. there should be a red sparky club to join. potsies welcome.

was dreading physio a little, yet im hoping my body can maybe improve a some. prof g tells me the importance of keeping my muscles strong for the future health of my creaky joints. fingers crossed. thanks again. xxx

Achelois said...

Em em I haven't read your blog post I am afraid I am just so excited at the news on Rusty Hoe's aka Michelle's blog. There is a suprise there for you. Get over there quickly before I die of utter over excitement on your behalf.

ps I will read the posts I have missed when I am not so :)

Em said...

hi izzy

will mention it next time i go. i love the feeling of water around my body, gorgeous feeling. i imagine also its good for your joints because the water supports them. thanks. x

Em said...

hi achelois

thanks, i so happy, happy. xxx