17 July 2011

symptom of the week......

any guesses? yep nauseous.

i hate when this symptoms covers every part of your being. follows me around, with no let up. has the cheek to stay when im eating. pre-diagnoses i wouldnt of let food touch my lips if nausea was present. yet now, the sad fact is if i dont eat/drink i will end up in hosptial on a drip. something that i can live without. just because its there, doesnt mean im friends with this invisible crank. domperidone does try, really hard, most of the time little dommie works, some of the time it doesnt.

rosy is joining me this week in the pillfest. she has pretty little red ones, oh and some powder. shes perkier. maybe i should down some of her meds!

on a brighter note, i have a local nhs physio appointment tomorrow. fun, mmmm. not sure whether they will be in-the-know enough about eds/pots. whether when i tell them i may have a place at stanmore they will say, ah we can discharge you without even seeing you!!!! ive not even had the pre-assesment at stanmore yet, thats next week, so should i mention this?


Achelois said...

mmm I have heard of this before. I have a feeling but don't rely on this as fact that they may not want to start if you mention stanmore. Equally stanmore may not want to go ahead because of this referral. Although I only know of this happening a few years ago and things change. Try asking on the HMSA site. I haven't read the next post yet so you may have already found out the anwswer to that question. Ignore this rubbish if so.

Please em go visit Rusty Hoe's blog there is a surprise waiting for you there. Michelle is seriously the best person I wish she lived near me.

Em said...

hey achelois

i mention to the local physio that i have a pre-assesment next week at stanmore, and then if i get in theres a waiting list of up to two years!!! she carried on, thank goodness. thanks for mentioning that though, i thought the same. x