9 August 2011

reeves burnt out


sadness; overhead a young boy today asking his brother ' text dad tell him to take care coming home tonight'.

hope; a huge hells-angel type man outside croydon town hall with a broom in hand, waiting with a group of ordinary people to clean up.

2pm today, getting ready for another night of riots. when will it stop?


Coffeecup said...

Those pictures are shocking! Em, seeing this on your doorstep must beggar belief. Heartbreaking and terrifying! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Good to see amongst all this madness there are decent types beneath it. A bit of that war spirit about them. Not enough of them though I am afraid which is a worrying sign for society.

No signs of improvement. People are full of angst. People feel they deserve so much without giving anything in return. Its an opportunist society. I can't see it getting any better. Cuts here there and everywhere plus a global economy in meltdown on top.

Shokcking to read about the Reeves building. 140 years, 2 world wars, depressions and all else. To survive all that and then be burnt to the ground by some mindless thugs just intent on destruction. So sad.

All the best


Ink Pink said...

Oh my gosh! I've been listening to this on the radio & I'm so sorry to hear about it all. Hope things improve shortly.

The Myasthenia Kid said...

its awful Em, t must be so frightening.

Take care of yourself


Em said...

fingers crossed this is all over now. no trouble for a week, the police seem to have taken over. thank goodness. have never seen anything like this in my life. xxx