8 August 2011

londons burning - so is croydon too

what is going on? why is no-one putting a stop to this. will tomorrow bring another riot?

heard that kings college is having a bit of a problem, bringing in extra security, very selfishly i have an appt in a few weeks, i need to go to.


no trips to dulwich park. peckham has being experiencing riots tonight, dulwich is just up the road.

i cannot believe my eyes watching news24. was this waiting to happen? probably.

9.20pm; spoke to soon croydon is alight.


Coffeecup said...

The peasants are revolting!!

It must be truly terrifying for the poor residents and people who just need to get across London! Are they at it again tonight? Not got the news on to see.

Just in time for the Olympics too! Might put a few people off coming here!


Sarah♥ said...

Just watching Sky news...


Em said...

hi steph

too true.

now they have started on clapham.

i was opposite the furniture shop, reeves, this morning for psychotherapy. i am so shocked.

olympics, i didnt think about that.

Em said...

hi sarah

shocking, im speechless. x

Coffeecup said...

This is on your doorstep Em? Oh my gosh they've been broadcasting pictures of that furniture store on fire all night. I really feel for you, it's scaring me and I live at the other side of the country! I've never seen anything so shocking. It's as if the thugs are in complete control. PM coming back from his hols. No one in power tonight. Not enough police. Unprecedented violence. Something has gone very very wrong here!

Sleep well sweet lady. Hope daylight brings calm x

Ellen said...

It does sound scary. This was on the news in Canada also, and I thought of you Em.

diver said...

Yeah, I've been thinking about you too Em :-/ Some of the places I'm hearing about on the TV are awful close to regular haunts you've mentioned on your blog. Worry worry. Sure hoping you're OK!

Em said...

hey steph

what is going on? take care as its up your way now.x

what you said on your post today was completely right. shocked, just shocked. x

Em said...

hi ellen

what a terrible view you have on england at the moment. just a small part of nonsense people. so terrible. xxx

Em said...

hi diver

fingers crossed diver, things should be ok, if not the rents have a car so will be outer here. its almost unbelievable. speechless. hope your tooth is ok and your not in too much pain. xxxxx

Coffeecup said...

I'm miles from Liverpool and Manchester Em, thanks sweetie, not on my doorstep like you have there. There's nothing to loot here unless they want to try the charity shops and the five thousand take aways.


Achelois said...

I know I am posting this far too late to make a difference to the immense stress this must have caused you personally em, having thought I had posted but obviously my stupid wireless connection dipped and I thought I had commented and had not. A minor trouble compared to these.
I am just so very very sorry for each and every individual who has and is still being affected.