2 August 2011

too darn hot

i know, us brits dont often get a blast of hot weather, its august for goodness sake, yet this temperture is a little hot for me. yesterday i got tachycardic sitting down, and laying down which is a first in a long time. usually i only feels the beats on standing.

its a catch 22, i love the feel of warmth on my skin, eases the bone/muscle pain, yet the old heart thats a different matter. today seems just as hot if not hotter. had physio this morning, early, although getting up two to three hours before i go out wasnt favourable, the cooler weather was.

last wednesday i visited kew gardens. ive been wanting to go for years. wasnt disappointed. was extremely tired, so perhaps i picked the wrong day to go, yet i enjoyed.

sackler bridge. felt like you were amongst the ducks.




agoraphob said...

great pics! That garden is really pretty. Love that bridge! It is hot here too! And I am on a medication that makes me extremely sensitive to heat.

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I've been moaning about the cold but have to agree certain types of heat I dont like either. If its sunny I don't mind as it means I can sit out. Today though it was that muggy airless stifling heat with no sun. Walking in it had me feeling breathless in no time. Even in the flat my wife was complaining of the lack of air with all the windows open. Don't like that kind of heat at all, love a little breeze.

Lovely pics of Kew. Would love to go there too one day. Glad you had a great time.

All the best


ellen said...

I don't do that well in the heat either Em, and here in Toronto we do get two months at least of hot muggy weather. But I did get myself an air conditioner and am basking in it now...ah.... :-)

A lovely outing and beautiful pictures. Glad you were able to go despite feeling a little off.

Coffeecup said...

Wow! Those waterlily pads are straight out of a fairytale. Where's the princess and a frog sitting on one for her to kiss?

Em, maybe it's not just the heat, sounds like you had a really tiring day and getting up so early and presumably eating litte before you went might have made it worse?

The heat knocks everyone for six. Don't know why? For no reason whatsoever fit and healthy people are wilting and are begging for a lie down. Is this why they have siestas in hot European countries I wonder?

Take care of yourself Miss Em! x

magic said...

The hot weather is killing me to. Glad you had a fab day at kew gardens, looks lovely x

Melinda said...

It looks very beautiful and uplifting! BTW, I like your blog's new name! Good on you!

Em said...

hey shelly

im on a steriod that makes my skin turn brown so quickly so try to keep out of the sun.

the bridge was so serene and peaceful, had to get a few snaps to share. x

Em said...

hi nechtan

ah dont you just hate it when its muggy and humid? certainly as my condition has worsened, i cant tolerate those conditions at all.

kew was so peaceful, although its the school holidays the children seemed to congregate at the huge play area they have. which was lucky because most of the gardens was empty. hoping to go back too. xxx

Em said...

hi ellen

two months!!! of humidity, oh i couldnt manage, at least you have the a/c unit when you come home a real life saver. kew was so pretty, so relaxing. xxx

Em said...

hi steph

arent those lily pads the cutest? so sweet, the colourful plants/flowers surrounding them too. i was in heaven there, truly i was. i had put off going for so many years, yet that was on the list of places to visit this year, im so glad i went.

pretty sure thats why the shops shut in the med in the hotter months, how could you work through the heat. luckily we dont have the sunny weather all the time. x

Em said...

hi magic

another potsie with heat intolerance, isnt it one of the worse symptoms? i just find it causes me to breathe funny, chest pains, and so fatigued. hope you a little better. x

Em said...

hi melinda

hope your feeling better, feels very draining after awhile. hoping i keep feeling optomistic!!! im nearly at the end of a pair of knee high socks at the moment, ive got that awful feeling there wont be enough wool!!!! i think all knitters get that. xxx