3 October 2011

brighton yesterday - hot weather

mmm. a couple of weeks back when the skies were cloudy and the weather less fortunate for this time of the year, brighton seemed to be deserted on a sunday afternoon.  no so yesterday.  as you can see, sardines come to mind!!!!  had a great day, even though i wasnt feeling tickedy-boo, rosy seemed whacked out by the end, m had her pedometer on - five miles were walked. 

i expect this is the last of the clement weather.  now we have snow to look forward too.


Sarah♥ said...

Brighton is somewhere that's on my "i want to go " list... Very jealous ;)


Em said...

you will get there sarah. although i must admit your day out on the river looked better. xxx

Coffeecup said...

Too many people!!!!!!!!

Glad you had a great day out. I'm dreaming of the seaside too but reckon that next week it'll be time to get the snow boots out of the cupboard xxx

Em said...

oh cc

no snow!!! the weatherman did predict this though. im dreading the snowed in time. cant bear things when snow covers the road. never mind, it will come if it wants to. xxx