4 October 2011

off meds for two days.....

so tomorrow morning im coming off beta blockers till friday.  why?.  im having a stress echo at kings.

i know standing will be a problem, i just hope sitting up wont be, then at least i will be able to get out. 

anyone had a stress echo?  the dr is going to inject some such stuff into my heart to make it beat,beat,beat, fast.  although ive had an echo before, ive not had one of these.

hoping i wont pass out!  ah if i do i will cope, im in the right place anyway, the cardiac unit!!!


Achelois said...

No I haven't em I am afraid only a normal echo. Good luck. Last time I had dye injected it was for an mri. Before that it was years ago for a kidney test that I don't remember the name of. But they had to do it twice because the dye shot through me so fast they couldn't do the test lol.
The MRI one, I bled all over the nice clean sterile room which caused chaos typical for me being a bleeder tee hee EDSers do bleed and nurses should believe them. It all went well though once they had cleared up the mess.

They really do know what they are doing though in the cardio stress test at King's and you will be in good hands. I get a little sweaty when I don't take the beta blockers but on the whole a few days is OK. Just try not to make sudden movements up and down!

Good luck and I hope all goes well. I will be thinking of you. I have had trouble with my reader as am trying the newer version and some of my favourite blogs have not been showing up in it and am not sure why.

Good Luck again for Friday although I am sure you won't need it as they are a very professional lot. Much more knowledgable up in Town about EDS than our lot down here, but sshh don't tell anyone I said that.

Coffeecup said...

Aww Em, you will be in the best hands as Achelois says. I think that you are incredibly brave and I am full of admiration and inspiration at the way you breeze through these tests now. Have they mistaken you for a pin cushion? Can't believe you have yet another one to look forward to. I'm sure you won't have the same experience as Achelois. See how strong you all are? Mortals like me wouldn't have coped nearly as well.

Take care of yourself sweet lady and please do let us know how it goes. Will be thinking of you and sending lots of good wishes.

PS. I think you deserve a treat when it's done. Make sure you give yourself a reward!


Em said...

hi achelois

hope your going ok. sounds a gruesome appointment you had there! i know what you mean about being a little bleeder!!!

yeah, kings are pretty good, im sure i will be ok.

at least its only a couple of days without them. i know within a few hours standing will be a problem, but it could be worse, at least i laying down will prevent the rapid heart rate.

take care. xxx

Em said...

hi steph

thanks,its taken alot of getting used to, going into hospital. they used to be a phobia of mine. maybe because the drs would listen to me with there being something wrong with my body. usually ok, fingers crossed. funny you should mention a treat....... xxxx