5 October 2011

missing the little red tablets already.

i shouldnt really show any affects for a few hours now.   im hoping i wont be too bad. 

funny steph, mentioned in her comment a treat for going through this. well on monday i bought myself a coat. i have a winter coat.   a warm coat. which was purchased last year. however when i went into

i saw a lovely grey/black velvet coat.  in the past i owned a rose pink velvet coat from laura ashley.  lined with pink pinstripes.  after a few years the velvet began to diminish, i had to let the coat go.....

then i bought a brown velvet coat from boden, to heavy for my body, the shoulders too narrow, so back it went.

then i saw this in monsoon.  i ummed and arrrred.  until i went back and bought it.  lovely soft texture, three quarter length, gorgeous just what i wanted.  with some pretty lining too.


Coffeecup said...

What a beautiful coat Em! You have such exquisite good taste.

Ah, you'll have to treat yourself to a nice scarf to go with it now :) Gotta have something to look forward to.

Best wishes and good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and you'll be back home before you know it.. Will be thinking of you x

Em said...

aw thanks cc. i love the texture of velvet.

keep your fingers crossed for me today. xxx

Achelois said...

I echo Coffecup's comment. You have style with a capital S em.

Jealous of that coat, moi, surely not, my grown up 'children' who live at home are seriously making us poor bless them. So a new coat this winter is just a dream but at least I can come and drool over this one. It is gorgeous. Totally agree about the scarf, followed by a funky hat, then some new boots.... the list is endless. You deserve treats.

Em said...

achelois, they bleed you dry do children. arrr but you wouldnt be without them.

bit of a treat the coat, i love fabrics, velvet being one of them.

hope you are ok. xxx