13 October 2011

off to the hospital in a while

got to see the bowely dr.  lovely.  due to the ehlers danlos by bowel has decided to flop to oneside. dont know whats going to happen.  at least the hospital is only local, so know trips across the otherside of london.

not the best of shots, its the content that matters right?  an original fiat 500.  a sculpture on park lane, opposite hyde park.   will try and post some interesting pieces of artwork that i find around london, or anywhere for that matter.   love this one.

i maybe going on a jaunt in the next couple of weeks.  dorset.   jurassic coast.  going to book at the last minute, hoping this will come off.  somedays by the coast, nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Fantastic photo, love it. And thanks for the explanation which now makes perfect sense. Lovely well thought out bit of sculpture which for once, unlike some I have seen, has a meaning which is easily interpreted. Some are just too abstract. Its great.

I hope you manage to get away. The coast would be great. I hope you are otherwise well.

All the best


IP said...

*Hug* you've been having crazy-busy times lately. Just popped in to see how you are & wow.
I hope things go ok with the doc. I hope they can help - without hurting.
Sending positive vibes your way.

Em said...

hi nechtan

hope your doing ok.

thanks, i love fiat 500s so i had to take a picture! must take some more little gems that i see.

keeping my fingers crossed for the week after next. will only be for a few days, just hoping that im well enough. take care. x

Em said...

hey ip

i was instructed to drink a litre of prune juice each day!!!! not sure if the dr got the idea of eds, back in six months for another check up. hope your well as can be. x