11 October 2011

sad farewell to shelly

you will know that shelly over at 'freaked' has a new job, director of nursing, good for you shelly.

flip side of this shelly isnt blogging no more, mmmmm.  i will miss your entries shelly, your feisty-ness in the face of anxiety.  your bugger it attitude, im going to do it anyway.  i will miss laylas cheeky face.

of course you have to keep your privacy holding down such a responsible position, but im sure i and many others will miss your updates, your humour.

a big GOOD LUCK for the future shelly, thanks for being so honest, bold, and enthusiastic in your writing. xxxxxx


agoraphob said...

Awwww.....em. I was running around like a crazy person all day and just saw this. I want to blog a lot, but I worry it might put my job in jeopardy. Makes me sad. I might feel it out over the next few weeks and see. Or, I may keep it private and still write on it.


Thanks so much for this post. I loved it.

Achelois said...

I agree, its horrible when a blogger one has in ones favourites has to stop. Perhaps consider continuing her blog with invited readers only, I think that is possible.

agoraphob, hope you are reading these comments please don't go please if you are reading this. Go private if you must but please please have invited internety friends to share your life. If you are worried about privacy and compromising your position you can always start a new blog keeping your identiy completely annonymous, and using psduenoms (can't spell) like the blogging doctor and certain paramedics do etc.

Please accept my apologies for my long comments tonight I think I have a temperature and my brain is somewhat addled. xoxoxoxoxo

agoraphob said...

You guys, send me your email addresses and I will invite ya to my blog.

Em said...

hey shelly

thank you, ive confirmed the invitation. so glad your going to keep writing. thanks again em. xxx

Em said...

hey achelois

its like when you stop reading a favoured regular piece in the newspaper, (cant think what they are called) then when you go to it the next week its not there, sad. so glad shelly is staying!!!! yipee. xxx