8 October 2011


i cant believe how much nervy-ness i put up with pre-diagnoses.  seriously. 

we left plenty of time to do the 13 mile trip to kings yesterday.  when i mean plenty i mean 1hr 15mins.  i know crazy, with traffic, parking etc the time is needed.  no parking spaces were available so mum swiftly pulled into the drop off point and wheeled me up to the cardiac unit.  then mum raced back down to the car so as not to get a ticket, those parking wardens in lambeth seem to hide then pounce at any opportunity.

there was me without beta blockers since tuesday evening, nervy on edge, simply because i was sitting upright.  i checked in, and waited.  theres normally always a wait at the cardiac department, once i waited three hours before an appointment.  however this time i just wanted to get out of there.  i then began to think over my past.  this is exactly how i felt pre-diagnoses.  now i knew what the problem was, my tablets, fast heart rate, sitting up, legs down not raised. 

i cant believe i suffered all those years.  when a simple dose of a heart-slowing-down-pill would of helped. 

anyway only a 15 minute wait.  i was taken into a room, luckily i was able to lay down, feet up.  the nurse tried to put a needle into my vain to put some liquid in (cant remember the name, there is a name for this).  i have small viens, took a while of prodding about before one was found.   was a bit apprehensive.  the doctor told me what was going to happen.  within ten minutes my heart was BEATING FAST.  quite a sensation when your laying down.  my face began to get hot, thump,thump,thump, my neck was pulsating.  i had a slight shake all over.  chest pain.  i told the nurse this.  the test was nearing the end.  i think iodine was injected into me, i wasnt really with it by then.

test was over, heart-rate eased off slowly.  the doctor will go over the results then send them to the dr that i see. 

argh, not the worse test i have had.  just not pleasant.  i had to stay in the hosptial another half an hour incase anything happened.  we made our way to costa coffee, sat in a cosy little corner.  listening to a bunch of five drs talking about, wait for it..............  the change in jodie marsh, yes you hear me right.  they debated that she was a pretty thing, before she became a glamour model, now she has become a body builder, well...............  made me laugh anyway as they trawled through picture of her on one of their laptops. 

very tired now, but fine ok.  need rest.  thanks for the well wishes.  take care all.


agoraphob said...

Whoa. sounds intense? Did they inject you with adrenaline or something? Scary! It sucks that a beta blocker would have helped all those years. Makes me sad to think no one caught on to what was going on for fifteen years. :(

I hope nothing is seriously wrong with your heart. Sending good vibes your way.

hey, so I made my blog private because of my new job. Im not writing on it anymore. At least for now. Makes me a little sad, but I have to be careful because of work. Sigh.

diver said...

Yeah, pre-medical anxiety, it's a nightmare isn't it. For me it's the anticipation of being confined, trapped. Just hate it. Glad you got through the appt OK Em. Neat tale about Jodie Marsh too - fun for you to see the other side of their coin.

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better. It made me laugh when you said about the docs and jodie marsh. I guess they have to take there mind off medical stuff sometimes hehe. x

Em said...

hey shelly

they injected me with doubtine (sp). feeling better now.

oh nooooo, loved reading your blog shelly. so sad your not writing on it anymore, i understand your reasons though.


Em said...

hey diver

i did used to get that feeling of being confined. i think going through the mill with these conditions, ive kind of accepted that i need to go. i think having the right medication after all these years have helped too.

feeling better now, so glad for the beta blockers. xxx

Em said...

hi magic

hoping your are ok. yeah i was amazed that they were flipping through pictures of her on-line! made me laugh too. xxx

Achelois said...

Pleased for you that the test is over and done with em. I hope I am not being nosy but do you wear a heart rate monitor all the time or are you clever enough to be able to take your rate yourself?
I have just realised I never answered your email properly, I am so sorry, brain fug is a poor excuse but it is the truth for the non reply. Literally as I type I have just remembered and it was absolutely ages ago. I am so sorry, I know it wasn't mind blowingly important but nevertheless very bad mannered of me. eek, I am mortified.

I can't remember which beta blocker you take, I take proponolol (seriously dodgy spelling) although not as much these days as I am taking so much other stuff I need to chat about dosage as the zomorph I think is decreasing my heart rate, although that may be my imagination as I never check it.

Very very relieved for you that this test is over. I just wish you didn't have to keep going to hospital as its stressful in itself.
I think doctors develop macabre senses of humour due to the nature and stress in their job. Jodie Marsh, pretty before her current state only my humble opinion but if one prefers au natural beauty, she was a walking disaster, now well I make no comment, I just hope she is happy.

Achelois said...

sorry to comment twice, bad bloggy manners. However, I just had to say if you ever have to have a canula put in again, speak to the phlebotomist think thats what they are called or is that the ones that take blood, no matter, the medical professional putting the catheter in. I always have paediatric canula's now and it certainly helps with the failure rate and the excessive bleeding and bruising. Obviously my hope for you is that you don't have to have a canula fitted again..... I have just realised I typed catheter further up instead of canula. Leaving it in, hoping it brings a smile to your face em, because a catheter fitting has got to be far worse than a canula although I think canula maybe should be spelt cannula. sigh...... I am going and turning off my computer before I type anymore all over the internet!
Its my new night time meds em, I think my bloggers block is waning so may expand on this awful attack of words words spilling out of my head. I am actually a really quite boring middle aged woman not at all mad!
Anyway in case it has got lost in all my bla bla bla, peadiactric cannula's may work better for you,

Em said...

hi achelois

i dont wear a heart monitor all the time. i should take my pulse and bp more than i do. normally i start to take it when im unwell.

the canulas, the nurse tried three times, requesting a different colour one each time. they used a tiny one so i assume it may of been a kids one. good tip though. wasnt such a bad test in all, ive had worse.

hoping you and your daughter is doing ok. xxx