27 November 2011

the garden was visited today. the covent one

sunday.  lots of peeps.  and entertainment. 

a cat basket i thought, on a table?

i was wrong it was a dog in a cat basket, or was it?

it was a human, pretending to be a dog in a cat basket!!!!  the human dog, spoke to rosy,  rosy stared and stared.   the thing is when your in a wheelchair, a manual one at that, you cant do anything other than sit, because the pusher has control.  so theres me wanting to go,go,go, and theres is the mother watching,watching, watching.  i had a silly grin on my face afterwards, the dog/human was very funny.

im cold now, well not now i was.  when i arrived home, i hopped in the bath, then in bed with a hot water bottle.  heating on.  warm.   will post a few more pictures tomorrow.


Sarah♥ said...

Covent garden... Wow. I haven't been there since i was 20.... maybe 21.

I remember it being amazing though.. all the street acts.. Loved it.

Can't wait for more pictures :)

Coffeecup said...

Oh my goodness! That man-dog-cat thing is just the strangest thing ever! It's kind of inspiring in a way and makes people smile. WELL DONE for having a great afternoon in Covent Garden. I went there once on a school trip. No street performers that day but someone did approach me and ask me if I wanted to model my hair!!! Ha ha ha! What a place!

Thanks so much for sharing those photos xxx

Achelois said...

I also haven't been for oh um 25 years.....
Bet the children loved the dog in the basket. I get a little freaked out by such things. Funny still though. Out here in the wilderness I rarely get out!
Stay warm em xoxoxo

Achelois said...

I've not been to Convent Garden for oh um 27? years..... It was equally weird & wonderful all at the same time.
Stay warm em. xoxoxo

Em said...

hi sarah

ive been twice this year to covent garden, but before that i must of been about 19, brought back many memories. still the same though. your'll get back one day, and love it. xxx

Em said...

hi cc

ah youve been too, i think its classic to go there. the cobbles, small indivdual shops, all though the biggies are there too. you hair to be modelled, wow.

please dont think im rude not commenting always on your political posts, i think your doing a great job. i wish i could be more active in that area, yet with the cognitive problems im lucky if i can get a post out these days! seriously well done for putting yourself out there for all those that cant. keep it up. hope the trip to tescos went ok today. xxx

Em said...

hey achelois

im sure living in the beautiful countryside, the quiet, must be a bit of a shock with the noise of central london. i seem to feel it now with my senses. to much going on, i get confused easily these days. i find it difficult to make conversation and concentrate when in that environment. hope you and your daughter are ok. xxx

Coffeecup said...

Hi Em, yes I'm sorry for banging on about politics. Just I have a personal interest having to go through the damned assessment thing, so please, don't feel obliged to comment. Once I have a result if it's good news I might even shut up and blather on about something else :)

I have to clarify about the hair because it made me sound vain, they could have wanted to cut into a mullet and dyed it pink for all I know, it was just the weirdest thing to be approached in such a manner. This sort of thing could only happen in London :)

Hope you're feeling a little better? x x