22 November 2011


stanmore peeps say yes!  eek.  sometime next march i will be winging my way towards a three week stay.  will i manage?  will i cope?  im not sure,  i need to do this for my body.  preparation is in order.

added some holly berries to the wreath, looking pretty. 

not feeling so good, thats an everyday occurrence, so nothing knew, feel a little bunged up, hot.  the foggy weather doesnt help.  sure the traffic fumes dont help either, mixed it today with the fog and you get a dirty looking smog swirled across the london skyline.  not pretty.


Coffeecup said...

Crikey! Good luck for next March Em. If it is going to help then it has to be worth it. Who knows? You might meet some really nice people too? :)

I saw your holly wreath and thought you did an excellent job. You can tie the holly bunches to a circle of less prickly twigs if it's ripping your fingers to bits. Used to make lots of them to sell at Christmas. Luckily my hands were so numb with cold I didn't feel the spikes piercing them after a while :) Neat job. Especially liked the tiny Yorkshire Terrier in the centre ;)


Achelois said...

wrote a post lost it...
So I will just say now I am so pleased for you em, so pleased.

If this were me I would have to put all thoughts of the stay into the recesses of my mind until at least February mid February probably, elst the anticipatory anxiety would crush me. I would just let it back in mid feb when the need to get new pj's became essential.

The holly wreath is beautiful. Many moons ago I made them before my hands packed up. I loved it, living in the country everything was so accesible back then. You are talented em.

Em said...

hey cc

thanks, hopefully there will be people there with the same condition that i can swap stories with.

couldnt resist taking the piture of rosy in the middle. tied on some holly berries which brighten the green up. thanks for the tip. xxx

Em said...

hey achelois

yeah ive been thinking about the pjs, already had a look around marks and spencer. im thinking due to my heat intolrence some cotton pjs will have too do. will have to do some sort of preparation for the trip. im sure i will be fine, arrrr. xxx