17 November 2011

ive nicked some.........

holly.  is  that illegal?

im trying to feel enthusiastic about the christmas thing.  so whilst the mother was parked debating whether to take rosy for a walk,  i managed to hop,skip, and jump (well not quite,) walked four paces and stole some holly from a tree. 

my intention is too make a holly wreath.  i had gone armed with secateurs and a large bag, so this crime was pre-meditated.  the lax criminal that i am never wore any gloves so, received a number of prickly ouches on my hands.  i went in the dark,  snipped some branches off while rosy became the look-out, mostly wondering why she wasnt allowed out of the car to have some fun too!!!

so tomorrow, if im up to it, a circular shape will be made, and a wee tartan ribbon affixed to the top. 

if all goes to plan that is.  otherwise my short temper may get the better of me, and the holly will be no more.  pictures will follow.

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