16 November 2011

you know whats making me happy right now?

this past week ive been feeling kind of ill.  nausea, g.i. issues etc.  thirst, i cant drink enough water, i have to balance this out because otherwise i wont eat.  yet the past couple of days, every time i eat, drink im feeling the nausea.

with this comes other problems, last night when i got up to go to the loo, i walked into my bedroom door!  i thought the door was further away then it was, bang, rosy barks thinking im an intruder! good dog. 

heat intolerance.  im hot, i drink tea, im hotter. i feel ill when i drink, i feel iller when im hotter.  i cant win.

so is this making me happy? no

ive been opening my window early evening.  its cold here now, yet the coolness helps.  you know what ive been hearing when ive opened the window?

an owl,  yep twitting and twooing.  i cant believe that an owl is somewhere in the trees.  well actually i can,  the last time i heard it was just over two years ago, before i was admitted to hospital to find out what was wrong with me. 

such a sweet, peaceful, cheerful, smile inducing sound. 

this is what is making me happy right now.


Coffeecup said...

Oh no Em, truly sorry to learn that you're feeling so unwell. I hate to think of you suffering with these miserable symptoms. I really hope that they don't last and send my love and best wishes that you're feeling better soon.


If you have a twit and a twoo then you have two owls not one. The male calls the twit and the female answers with a twoo. Lovely to hear them, and glad they are bringing you joy. There's nothing quite so haunting as so beautiful to hear. I wish I had owls here! :)

Rusty Hoe said...

Wish you could get a break from all the crappiness. Just a break to breathe and refresh. Love that you had the soothing owl though. For me it's the magpies warbling in my backyard first thing in the morning.

Can't recall if I emailed you or not (brain fog bad lately) but keep an eye out in the post for a long over due pressie. <3

Achelois said...

It appears we have the same affliction in our house. Thirsty, so so thirsty and the rest.

Really hope you feel better soon very soon.

I love all things Owls especially the real thing.
Take care em.

Achelois said...

Forgot to say, loved that despite the fact you feel so dire you find happiness. Glass half full...

Oh yes, on last post and your reply, daughter was referred both to Bath and now Stanmore by Professor Grahame. He is furious with the way she is/has been treated locally. One good thing though she is due to be seen in January by a neurogastroenterologist in London who specialises in EDS, so not all doom on getting help.

Anyway,thats enough about us. I really really hope you feel better soon.

diver said...

Hi Em. Perhaps the owl is a SIGN? A sign of good news on the way??? Hope so :)

Em said...

hey cc

i didnt know that, theres too little twooers out there. wow. such a pretty sound to here, especially whilst im feeling ill, feels so comforting.

still feeling slightly rotten, im kind of getting used to it. just a bit out of the blue when you jump up to slightly rotten, from just rotten!!! thanks. xxx

Em said...

hey rusty

woooooo, a pressie, just in time for a little twinkle to cheer me up, thank you. i guess you get the nausea thing, ah, ive been repeating to myself, or muttering at least, life isnt fair. sometimes it feels like your the 'worse off person' that people to refer too. im sure there are others that are suffering more. sometimes that doesnt help.

hoping your ok. xxx

Em said...

hey achelois

your will get top service from prof a, i saw him at barts this time last year. your daughter will be in good hands. so glad your daughter has been referred too, hoping the physio etc will work well for her.

the glass half full, always been kind of optomistic, its quite trying at times to be with this illness as you will know. xxx

Em said...

hi diver

thanks, im hoping too that things will change for the better soon, or at least to a neutral phase. xxx

Achelois said...

Fingers crossed em always fingers crossed our gp seems very confused about what he is supposed to do with PRof G's requirements, still waiting for GP to get back to us!
Glass half full is hard I understand so well em, with EDS etc but the alternative half empty so much harder.