20 November 2011

winter wonderland - hyde park

decided to do something different today, a friend suggested having a mooch around hyde park, the winter wonderland had arrived.  not feeling too good, the mist descended over south london this morning so my breathing wasnt so good.  managed to park up, grab a tea the view above was taken in between sips.

winter wonderland, was packed.  noise from old fairground rides, german chalets full of customers eating and drinking, sweet smelling candy floss, along with the usual cooked fare,  people  shuffling along, lights flashing, ah you get my point.   an overload for my senses.  since ive become  ill this environment can be overwhelming. 

wrapped up warm.  i worked my way through three handwarmers.  i would recommend these to anyone who suffers with cold hands,  one little click and you have a little pouch of warmth in your hand.  then simply boil them up to renew.   my hair has gone wild!!!

quiet was needed.  so we had some lunch opposite the serpentine.  peaceful.  i could concentrate again. 

peter pans statue in hyde park.  sweet.  with an aching neck that wouldnt stop, we headed back to the car.  exhausted. 


diver said...

Hi Em. Always enjoy your London photos, always fascinating. Such a big lake! What's a 'Serpentine'? Love that shot of you and Rosie. She looks sort of 'protective', like your little spirit guard dog? Such a special relationship :)

Hoping you've recovered from the jaunt x

ellen said...

Hyde Park looks beautiful Em. I've heard of it but never saw a picture. Good for you for getting out even though you don't feel that well.

Em said...

hi diver

thanks, i love taking pictures, then seeing them later. the serpentine, is the lake, because it wriggles around the park like a snake. im sure thats the reason!!!

shes a one off, rosy, so funny, fiesty, and sweet all rolled into a fluffy dog.


Em said...

hi ellen

i like viewing others pictures in different countries too. gives you a personal look of the area. thing is if i dont do these things, and wait till i feel better, i probably will never do anything again! i did ask the neuro would i feel better in a years time, that way i could put things off till i feel better, he said go out now and enjoy yourself. so im kind of obeying drs orders!!! take care. xxx