26 December 2011

im tired, tired,tired.  why because of the 25th.  nope.  i paced myself throughout the day.  midday a push/walk around crystal palace to walk rosy.  soak in the evening to ease my bones.  pleasant day.

today, i went to brighton.  day out.  i was going to wait down below on the brighton eye (not sure if its called the eye, seeing as the london one is called this i just refer this as so), as rosy wasnt allow on the pods because she is a DOG.  no dogs allowed, only guide dogs.

however the the girl at the desk, asked her manager over, the kindly german man, he say (after a little bit of persuasion) YES.  the manager did worry about rosy going crazy, dog barking crazy, when she was going round.   he neednt of worried.  the above picture shows.


Amanda said...

rosy is quite cute and I'm glad they let her on. that view is lovely (I quite enjoy heights).

I stumbled onto your blog from another and look forward to following along on your journey.

ellen said...

Glad your Xmas was nice and peaceful. And that there was a kind German man! Wishing you lots of peaceful sleep Em!

Em said...

hey amanda

welcome. was a little apprehensive about being so high, yet was ok. hope you enjoy reading through. hoping your ok. take care. xxxx

Em said...

hi ellen

yeah glad we were able to board the pod!! wasnt so bad.

take care ellen, hoping we can all understand life more. xxx