31 December 2011

a years new

Ive a cold.  Nasal, heady, cold.  Seems to be doing the rounds, maybe sarah attishoed in Essex, over Kent into Surrey.  Your going through upper body viruses at present sarah, hope you recover soon. x

I was able to go out today, even though my forehead felt like a fish was swimming around it in.  Hot to the touch.  Sore throaty.  A cuppa was sort, outside we sat due to the little darling that is Rosy.  She had her walk, homeward bound.

Why is it that mornings and nights are always the worst with colds?  I'm laying here now, t.v on mute, pillows behind my head, aching.  Yet earlier i wasn't so bad.

I don't make resolutions.  To tempting to break. 

Take care everyone.  Happy new year, and all that. 

I'm liking the round 50 number of the followers.  Pleasingly rounded off.  Not so keen on odd numbers.  Nope I haven't had a drink, just liking the number.



Amanda said...

that is not a good way to spend the night and I hope you feel better real soon.

50 is definitely a good number ... I'm glad I found your blog and made it a good round number for you :0)

But amidst my rambling ... again, feel better soon and happy new year.

Sarah♥ said...

I apologise if i have spread my germs your way ;)

21 days illness and counting.......

Happy New Year,
Sarah xxx

Em said...

hey amanda

thanks for making neat and tidy numbers!!! feeling a little better, then a little worse, argh colds. xxx

Em said...

hey sarah

hoping you feel a tad better. sounds like you are really going through it right now. plenty of rest, and time to heal. take care. xxx