16 January 2012

sparkly, ruby, shoes......and a BIG THANK YOU

today a big box arrived from Australia, while i was asleep. rosy took it upon herself to guard the special delivery.

please hurry up and wake up. you spend all your time resting, even more than me!!!

rosy wanted to show you the cool stamps.

at last.

i like the box, I LIKE THE BOX, i will wait here until you open the surprise

i like the feathers, please let me have just one, red please

ahhhhh, do i look pretty?!


purple one looks good too,..... may i?

thank you, thank you, thank you, i like the purple one.

whats in there, i can smell great dane, a dog for me two small dogs for me!!!!

pretty, sparkly, ruby red shoes!!!!  my owners happy!!!!!

a pretty card too.  the above parcel was delivered today to a very happy emma.  i want to thank michelle for sending me this happy parcel of wonderfulness.  from the wonderful packaging, feathers  (which by the way rosy loves, really truly tickles her), to the pretty card. 

keep watching.  these shoes are going to go for a little outing soon. 

anyone potsie head over to michelles blog to see her wonderful idea involving ruby red sparklies and be inspired. 

thanks michelle, coping with this illness is no mean feat (boom, boom!!!).  youve been suffering terribly, yet amazingly you continue to spread happiness, the word on pots, and of course ruby sparklies.

from rosy and me, thank you. xxxxxxxx


The Foggy Knitter said...

That's a brilliantly wrapped parcel and seriously amazing shoes!!! I would be telling everyone I met to look at the sparkly shoes! Enjoy wearing them xxx

Ink Pink said...

I love this post. Rosie is such a delightful character. Enjoy those shoes Em. I have a feeling nothing that sparkly comes in orthotic :o)

Melinda said...

Great post! I really felt excited about what was going to come next... The shoes are great (although I took most pleasure in the pictures of Rosie!!)

Amanda said...

I can't wait to see where you go with those shoes - they are fabulous! And the wrapping and card were incredible too!!

Em said...

hey foggy

i will be sure to enjoy them, so red and glittery, lovely.

i saw your post on your favourite knitting items. from you first, to now. your so talented, well done. x

Em said...

hey ip

the red sparklies will sure to have many outings. rosy is such a joy, so funny everyday. hope your well. x

Rusty Hoe said...

So glad they finally arrived. Love love love your photos of Rosie and the flowers. I can't wait to see the photos of your travels in them. I hope they make your day a little brighter and sorry again for the delay :)

Em said...

hi melinda

rosy so loved the feathers, they really tickled her so. shes normally such a calm dog, yet when she caught sight of those purple and red tickle sticks she was rolling around the floor!!! hope your ok. x

Em said...

hey amanda

so wrapping was so pretty, im thinking of making it into something! what a treat to open on such a gloomy day here. take care. x

Em said...

hey michelle

thanks so much, really appreciate the glittery sparkly happiness that a red pair of shoes gives me. im hoping to give them an outing sometime soon. i think i should have a year in the life of these sparklies, keep your eyes peeled. x