2 February 2012

what do you do when your in a moochy mood...........

i noticed when my symptoms are persistant, prolonged my mood takes a dive.  im achey, tired, pained, - i have to include rest into each day which is a nuisance, yet essential.  on top of this my memory is failing badly, i have started to bump into doors, last week i went to get into the bath, i thought the bath was further away than it was, whack went my knee cap, ouchey tears came.  you know the moment when enough is enough.

so i booked two nights, three days away in wiltshire on a horsefarm.  the mother and i are travelling next week.  what would we all do without the net.  no trawling around travel agents, a click of a button, booked.  the only thing is the mother is terrified of horses, hoping they are secured behind fences.  staying in a converted barn by the looks of it, in the owners grounds. 

i booked before the cold spell.  yet i dont mind, my body does, i dont.

rosy has been a tad unwell, she has colitis, thinking she had an attack at the beginning of the week.  shes better know touch wood.

the barn has wi-fi so with any luck i will be able to post from there.  maybe this will life my moochyness.


Coffeecup said...

Good grief Em, bashing into doors is not good :( I truly hope that some lovely rest at the farm helps you feel better. It sounds lovely! (Even if your Mum is hiding from the horses). If it's any consolation you're not the only one with a poor memory, mine's terrible these days. I walked into a store and completely forgot what I'd gone there for. I just stood there for ages in a state of bewilderment. Then I forget names, numbers, what I'm doing!

Have a fabulous time. Would love to see some photos from the farm when you go. ((Hugs)) and much love xxxxx

Em said...

hey cc

keeping my fingers crossed, going to phone the place tomorrow, to see if the snows not so bad there. if not will have to put it off. i hope not. went out today, the main roads were pretty clear so hopefully will be able to go.

my memory isnt so good. im trying to get used to it now. trying to string a sentence together sometimes is so difficult. never mind. hope your ok. take care . xxx