7 February 2012


we arrived.   oh my am i tired.  we left 10.30am this morning.  stopped off in reading for a cuppa.  onto marlborough for lunch.  then onto the barn.  had a little to-do you know what, the sat-nav, map book, human directions!!!!  finally arrived.  lovely place.  rosy has made a little friend already.  TIN-TIN.   when the unpacking was being done, he waited outside for rosy. 

later on mum looked out of the window, who should be sitting at the front door?!!! so sweet.

im so, so tired.  rosy is now asleep.  im off to shower, then having dinner in.

tomorrow, off to avebury stone circle and avebury manor. 


Melinda said...

Have a wonderful and well-deserved break!!

magic said...

ahh how sweet rosie has a friend. have a nice break x

Em said...

aw thanks melinda. very tired, yet the places visited are beautiful. x

Em said...

thanks magic, little tin-tin tried to get into the car today, hes so adorable. x