8 February 2012

2nd day.


                                             just before we went out this morning, with thermals on!!!

i was feeling pretty unwell today.  0 degrees outside.  the mother really wanted to go see avebury, and although i didnt want to disappoint her, i too wanted to go, i also didnt want eds/pots to win, so i went.  lots of palps, chest pain, i went.  rosy and me outside the cafe.

little round house.


avebury stone circle.  a world heritage site.   im embarrassed to say id not heard of them!

rosy was greeted by tin-tin when we returned home.  im exhausted, wiped out.  tomorrow we were going to explore oxford.  will see how i feel.  right now, im tucked up on the settee, under fleeces, hot water bottle,  thermals, the barn is lovely and warm,  yet my body is spent.  bloody body.


Coffeecup said...

Tin Tin is in love! Loved the sweet photo of the doglets :)

Em, just bloody well done for getting out there and doing it despite what your body is telling you. What a beautiful place. I really hope you can stay wrapped up and enjoy your surroundings. I'd kill right now for an escape, a little weekend away from the stress and worry. I know you have to take your illness with you and you are so brave. What's remarkable is how your mind is coping. You sound really strong and positive.

Loved the photo of you on the landing with Rosie yesterday. You looked beautiful.

ENJOY!!!! Sending a hug and a kiss, Steph xxxx

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Great photo at the top. You have been taking some crackers recently. Good to see you are getting out and about.

Sorry to red its wiping you out so much but good on you for not giving in. Hopefully with the right balance you can work between the two without overdoing it.

I love the little roundhouse. I would gladly set up home there. Beautiful. I do hope you can get the needed rest today for the trip tomorrow and if not then maybe next day. Already you have done so much so anything else is an added bonus.

Looking forward to seeing more pics. It looks very nice down there.

All the best


Amanda said...

That sounds SO cold! Your photos are wonderful, especially the last one! I hope you're feeling better soon though!

Em said...

hey cc

rosy acted kind of sweet are tt, so lovely.

the escape was lovely, needed after months pacing myself, letting my body dictate to me what it can and cant do. ten years ago i would have found this so difficult. all my symptoms were blamed on anxiety, when clearly that wasnt the case. i would try so hard to think my symptoms away, yet that just never happened, yet this is what i was told to do.

now i can see clearly. i have this funny old condition, i have to put up with the symptoms, i cant mentally think them away, so i have to compromise. its difficult, especially as my mind set is at times still thinking that the symptoms arent real. hope all this makes sense!

you will get there steph, one day you will live the live that you deserve. xxx

Em said...

hi nechtan

thanks about the pictures. funny thing is, they are all taken from a different perspective now, sitting down!!! im quite a tall person, yet now i have to take the pictures from half my height! strange at first, im getting used to it now.

the trip has totally wiped me out. yet so worth going. the weather was a bit crazy, yet i kind of knew it was going to be cold, so took plenty of warm clothing.

just need time to recover now.

avebury was a lovely place to visit, and i hope to go back sometime. would be a beautiful place to live. the little round house was so pretty. it had a little duck pond out front too.

keep warm, hoping the snow doesnt last long. x

Em said...

hi amanda

thanks, luckily this weather hasnt been like it for months, last year nearly four months straight it was cold. hopefully this wont last long, please. hope your well. x