16 February 2012

bloodly ehlers danlos

stupid disease


Amanda said...

Oh my. I thought the link you posted would have some info about it, but just held my mouth open to read of this poor man that took his life because of his pain. It sounds like a terrible disease.

How are you feeling?

Em said...

hey amanada

sorry for the late reply, not feeling very good. been in a bit of pain, not severe, just annoying and lingering.

i was aghast too with what i read. i have short bursts of pain which last five or so days, years ago they would last longer. i cannot imagine suffering like this man. so sad.

hope your doing ok, liked your blog post in the week. take care of yourself. xxx

Achelois said...

I put this link on twitter and wished I had put it on my blog which I barely go near. As you can see I am way out of sync with blog reading. This was heart breaking reading, it doesn't help does it with everything. I am tweeting more than blogging at the moment although its a weird world tweet world. So much information all at once. I dread the dentist and only my OH understands that it takes weeks sometimes months to get over it all. I am still not sure that the fifth cranial nerve pain I have that the Americans call the suicide pain is not the cause of deep root canal work done by a dentist but I cannot prove it. I just wish this poor man hadn't had to endure such pain. So sad so very sad.

Em said...

sad story achelois. just reading the text you could kind of understand the mans frustration with no help available.

hope your doing ok. miss you blogging. im kind of slow paced so i suppose twitting wouldnt be for me. takes me ages now to understand anything! take care of yourself. x