23 February 2012

confusing couple of weeks

ive had a confusing couple of weeks.  pain in my back has well, come back, tiredness which is all too familiar.  finished psychotherapy on monday, sometimes im none the wiser, still confused. 

the above, is a cross-stitch which i started around seven years ago.  never quite completed, its the only cross-stitch that was left in the cupboard.  only a quarter to do, so i decided to start stitching.  i find my headaches afterwards, my neck, eyes shoulders hurt.  im determined to not stop, i want to make the piece into a bag. 

im planning to move out over the next couple of years.  the mother wants to decorate the house as it hasnt been touched in yonks.  i thought whats the point in doing the room im in.  so were going for a neutral shade, any furniture i buy, wardrobe, chest of drawers i can take with me when i move.  im going to attempt to sit on the floor and strip part of the walls.  i really dont think my shoulders are up to it, yet im going to give it a go. 

this morning as i was sitting on the floor getting my breath back upstairs i looked towards the bookcase on the landing.  an orange spine jumped out at me, the words, 
                                           'happiness is a warm puppy'

i laughed as i looked at rosy.  not far off.

also found another lump, oh the joys of visiting the gp, being referred to yet another hospital.  keep your fingers crossed for me please. xxx


coffeecup said...

Wow Em, that cross stitch picture is lovely! It must have taken you months to do. Would be a real shame not to finish it if you've got that far. Look forward to seeing the completed bag :)

Therapy! Pah phoney more like. I'm sure you're not confused. Just be yourself and sod the therapy I say.

The plan to move is a big step and a positive one. Something to look forward to. If you ever need a house mate .... :)

You have my complete empathy regarding lumps, gps and hospitals. Not good to have a cloud looming over your head and am keeping my fingers crossed for you too. If you have the strength and fancy dropping me a mail please do Em. Might have something to send you for luck xxx

Em said...

hey cc

thanks, i cant really remember how long the cross stitch took to do, foggy head!!! yet i love the colours and really wanted to finish it off, so im attempting too. even with blurry eyes.

thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. received my paper appointment in the post this morning with a detailed form to fill out, ive left it on the bed. i will fill it out before wednesday, just not yet. will whisk you an email straight away. take care. x

Amanda said...

The cross-stitch is beautiful and there is no doubt you'll finish it.

Fingers crossed that things work out in the way you hope.

Em said...

hi amanda

thanks, may take a little time to finish, i hope i get there in the end. will put a finished picture up of the bag. take care. x