27 February 2012

i didnt know white came in so many colours

had a meander around b&q this morning to take a look at paint colours.  i know i want a white/cream on the walls.  so many choices, my eyes blurred just looking.  picket fence, ivory, jasmine, im thinking of sweet almond.  they also sell a breathe easy paint, which i may purchase.

the bedroom im in was suppose to be temporary.  when i came out of hospital, this bedroom was the nearest to the loo.  so i moved in.  so my bedroom has all my stuff in, this bedroom has my meds in and me.  it has pink flowers on the wall, so im thinking a plainer cream may do the calming trick.

thens theres the wardrobe, chest of draws choice, seen a few in ikea.  i wish i had more oommph for shopping. 

have my appt for wednesday afternoon at the breast clinic.  im doing a good job of blocking this out.  i need a cup of tea. x


Sarah♥ said...

Ugh! Paint shopping... that's why i opted for Dulux Brilliant white all through, SO much easier.... Looking at paint charts, and then not to mention the paint you can have made up... too many for my poor wee brain to compute!

Good luck with everything :)
Thinking of you x

Em said...

so many choices! i didnt even look at the paint that could be made up....

thanks. hope yesterday went ok. x