12 February 2012

is it me, or is this just a little bit weird?

we all know its february.  all those in the u.k, know that snow has fallen in the last week or so.  take a look at the above picture is there anything odd about it?

ducklings in february!!!

too strange.  

morden hall, near wimbledon.


coffeecup said...

Yes it's a bit strange. Too early for ducklings but it's not unknown. Daffodils were out here in January before the cold snap turned them black. Climate gone potty Em :(


The Foggy Knitter said...

I reckon it was because of the warmth we had in January, only hope the poor little things survive the cold snap. All our birds had started to pair up back in January, far earlier than usual. Lovely photos x

Amanda said...

That is quite strange! The weather in so many places hasn't been quite right this winter!

Em said...

hi cc

certainly the world is going mad. i couldnt believe my eyes when i heard the little chipping noises the darling ducklings made. ive seen the daffs too, so strange. x

Em said...

hi foggy

i hope they survive too. i know small fluffy cuties always tug at the heart strings, yet i hope these little ones survive. xxs

Em said...

hi amanda

must be happening all over the world. yet the seasons were so, whats the word predictable, solid, you could rely on nature to inform you where you were. keeping my fingers crossed for these little ones. x