10 February 2012

oxford - 3rd day.

bit of a dud picture wise.  we left the barn on thursday morning.  0 degrees outside.  travelled up to oxford, parked up, took rosy for a short walk to stretch her legs, grabbed a cuppa, took a mooch, then bundled back into the car.  freezing. 

this picture reminds me of travelling through austria, think it was taken in wiltshire.  so cold.

had a nice time away.  wednesday from 4pm till 9pm i was covered up on the settee, with water bottle feeling pretty dreadful.  had stomach problems too.  all connected to the eds.  i suspect the cold was favourable with my broken body either.   glad i went.   planning the next trip for may.  think ive got the travelling back into my system. x


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Yeah I can see the Austria thing there. Waiting for the Von Trapps to burst into song.

Glad you firstly went to Oxford and secondly enjoyed it. But more than that great to read you have the bug for travel back.

It read like you are very much accepting as best you can the trade off- though no doubt not liking that. But you are getting things done. Slowly not being dictated too and managing that side of things wisely.

On perspective as you commented in the last post. It might help. I am tall too but find perspective lower down much more interesting in photographs. Kind of the angle we don't usually see.

Glad you had a good time though wishing the weather was better.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

yeah the trade off has to be paid. i think i need a little bit more of getting used to it. so as i can stop getting angry with myself/body.

ive noticed i liked some of my pictures from a lower level. yet not having the full height can be a tad annoying at times. always being the tall one! liked your birds in the tree picture, errily calm. x

Melinda said...

Wow! I've always dreamed of visiting Oxford... The cold looks serious though!

Em said...

hey melinda

im sure you will visit one day. seriously cold for sure, lucky i had my hand warmers with me. x