17 March 2012

the big clear out.........

the mother is having a big clear out.  i think i mentioned this before.  this book was one of my favourite cookbooks as  a kid. 

i made these peppermint creams as a child.  sugary, pastel, sweetness.  the thought of them now makes me feel ill.   yet at the time, i craved sugar.

i cant say i ever tried a fried fruit sandwich!!!

coconut ice, more sugar, mmmm.

i love the pictures in the book.  unfortunately the book was tore, so couldnt be charity shopped.  it went in the recycling bin.  i took some snaps so i could remember, remember the sugar highs!


Amanda said...

I had a book like that once - and you just brought me back to that. In mine though, there were a lot of breads, very delicious!

Just stopping in and thinking of you.

Melinda said...

I feel sad that you had to get rid of the book...I am a hopeless hoarder and find it very difficult to throw away anything sentimental! But at least you got some photos :)

Em said...

hi amanda

thanks for popping by, lovely little pictures in the book, shame the book was broken.

the pictures stood out when i was little, i cant imagine eating fried fruit sandwich though! sounds a little yuck to me. hope your ok. x

Em said...

hi melinda

i was so like that, keeping everything, buying pretty little things too. yet years later when i found a new trend, and passed the old items on to charity i began to think 'what am i doing?'. i try to pre-cycle now, still practising though! gorgeous little jumper you knitted for your nephew to be. x