3 April 2012

ive been alot like my joints ~ lax!

havent been around for awhile.  been reading your blogs.  whats been a happening?

tomorrow im due for a little break, gloustershire this time.  im enjoying these little days away.  not holiday just short trips to different parts of england.  i never considered staying in england as a holiday.  i suppose going abroad as a child, i always imagined far away destinations, especially hot places, as holidays.  things change, im hoping one day soon i will be able to cross the channel.

health wise.  a little dip.  breathing problems, pain, dizziness, all the usual. 

decorating ::  the walls have now been stripped.  the wardrobes taken down.  paint chosen.  the name of paint, potters clay.  lovely name.  ikea has been explored.  i have found a wardrobe, white/grey so swedish name or other beginning with A.

hope you all are doing as well as can be.  will post some pictures when i return.  and if i dont post before friday;



Sarah♥ said...

Have a lovely short break... :)

Hope you feel better when you get back.


Amanda said...

Happy Easter to you too, Em!

Melinda said...

Happy Easter Em! The decorating sounds exciting!

Em said...

hey sarah

thanks, the break was lovely, some pictures to follow. funny how i come back worse than when i went, thats illness for you! x

Em said...
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Em said...

hi amanada

thanks, i had a few little chocolate eggs, couldnt resist. x

Em said...

hi melinda

will be catching up with blog reading now that im back. hopefully the decorating wont take too long, will post some pictures of the process soon. x