10 April 2012

wiped out - pictures

at the rear of the cottage, on morning we saw a ewe.  we stayed on a small holding, in the forest of dean.  dennis potter country.

the owner asked if we would like to see the new born lamb.  i couldnt walk down to the field.  the next morning as i looked into the garden i saw the little baa lamb. awwww.

one of those satnav moments.  we should of not taken this route.  motorways im fine with my POTS.  small A-roads not so good, yet little farmers tracks, bumping along at 2miles an hour well, not a good mix.  a mile later we arrived at a main road.  moral of this story?  use a map!

view from symonds yat rock.

barry island.  the mother is a fan of gavin and stacey.  so we visited for a few hours.

rosy enjoying her holiday.

feeling wiped out at present.  overdid things a little.  i will be fine with some rest. x


The Foggy Knitter said...

How fabulous of the farmer! They're very sweet. Hope you are recovered very soon x

Em said...

thanks foggy. i thought what a lovely surprise seeing them in the garden early morning. so sweet. liking your latest knits, you are so talented. x

Melinda said...

Hi Em. I'm glad you're getting a holiday. The ewe and lamb are so gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of your holiday - the photos are wonderful. Hope you are feeling well soon enough.

Achelois said...

Hi em thank you for your comment on my blog. I couldn't jig either just hoped all the others would, you know the many followers on my blog!!!
Beautiful pictures, it is easy where I live to take all the livestock for granted but my favourite are always the spring lambs. I do though have a secret love of pigs, surrounded as we are by the free range type, grunting, rolling around in the mud, happy.
I am probably confused thought you had been to Stanmore but then I am confused a lot. Take care em. xxx

Em said...

hey melinda

was a lovely little break away from the usual. to sweet was the little lamb. x

Em said...

hey amanda

thats ok, i love looking at others photos from around the world. health is up and down at present, much the same. take care. x

Em said...

hey achelois

loving the song.

stanmore was cancelled. i was due to go in at the end of march. sometime in feb there was a flood on the rehab ward. they sent me a letter to tell me that i will be contacted in june with an update. so just waiting. never mind.

hope your ok. x