23 April 2012

when will i ever use this?

1990 - 2000


2000 - 2010

used a little

2010 - 2020

unused.  will this ever be stamped?


Fatima said...

Hi Em,
Never give up on your dreams. It may seem like you'll never use it again, but don't give up. You should read David R. Hawkins' book Healing and Recovery- it's amazing. Someone recommended it in a forum and it really helped me. It will change your life too.
Take good care,

Em said...

hi fatima

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. will take alook at the book you recommended, and your blog. im keeping my fingers crossed, on the passport front, im hoping one day soon. take care. xxxx

magic said...

i'll stamp it for you with one of my craft stamps. Anyway who needs to go abroad when you have lovely places in the uk. x

The Myasthenia Kid said...

Hi Em,

I havent even bothered renewing my passport. The chances of me going anywhere are remote!

I understand what you mean though!


Em said...

hey magic

sorry i missed you comment, its the condition, i know you understand! little crafty stamps in the passport, mmmm, ok!

ive never much been around the u.k, so many places to see, this pass year ive to some beautiful places. hope your ok. x

Em said...

hey rachel

sorry i missed your post same reason, doh, stupid head.

im sure one day you will be able to take alittle break somewhere. these stupid illnesses. take care. x